Terms & Conditions for Compton Cottage and Sandford Cottage


1.1 The ‘cottage’ means Compton Cottage or Sandford Cottage, except if otherwise stated, at
Patson Hill Farm, Patson Hill Lane, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4SY.
1.2 The ‘Rental fee’ means the amount to be paid by the Occupant for the Holiday Period.
1.3 The ‘Deposit’ means the 30% of the rental fee paid upon making a booking.
1.4 ‘The Holiday Period’ means the period from 4.30pm on the Commencement Date until 10.00am on the Departure Date.
1.5 The ‘Occupant’ means the person or persons renting the cottage.
1.6 The ‘Owner’ means Jill Racher and Ronald Racher.


2.1 The Occupant must pay the Owner the Deposit at the time of booking the Holiday Period
and the balance must be paid at least 30 days prior to the start of the Holiday Period. If the
booking is made less than 6 weeks before the commencement of the Holiday Period the full
Rental Fee (not a deposit) must be paid in full at the time of booking.
2.2 If the balance of the Rental Fee is not paid when due, the booking is deemed to be
2.3 If the Owner cancels the booking for any reason prior to the commencement of the Holiday
Period they will give to the Occupier a full refund of the Deposit and/or Rental Fee.
2.4 If the Occupant vacates the Cottage before the end of the Holiday Period of their own
volition no refund will be made.
2.5 Special conditions relating to the Covid19 pandemic:
2.5.1 If the holiday period dates are affected by either the locality of Patson Hill Farm
going into lockdown or Patson Hill Farm going into lockdown then the Owner will refund
all monies paid, without charging an administration fee.
2.5.2 However, if the Owner or Occupant must cancel the confirmed holiday booking
because the Occupant contracts Covid19 or has to self-isolate, the Owner will not allow a
refund (as per 3.1 and 4.1 in this document).


What the Occupant must understand:
3.1 No refund will be paid in the event of cancellation due to coronavirus or self-isolation.
3.2 The cancellation by a guest can be between 2 and 60 days before the commencement of a
booking. If the guest requires to have a refund outside that time parameter, it is advised that
they arrange their own cancellation cover for that period.
3.3 The guest must pay 5% of the booking cost if it is cancelled. This is an administration fee.
3.4 The terms of cancellation apply from point of booking.
3.5 Payment must be made directly to the owners. (Not an OTA)
3.6 You must provide to the owners a written reason for the cancellation.


What the occupant is not covered for:
4.1 Any cancellation arising directly or indirectly from war, terrorism, epidemic or pandemic.
4.2 Any claim arising whatsoever as a result of coronavirus and associated travel limitations,
lockdowns, illness, self-isolation or quarantine.
4.3 The first 5% of the total cost of the insured booking.
4.4 Any cancellation 60 days earlier than the commencement of the insured booking.
4.5 Any cancellation 2 days or closer to the commencement of the insured booking.
4.6 Any booking that comes through a booking platform (OTA) or through any means other
than a direct booking with the owners or their website (www.patsonhill.co.uk).


5.1 These terms and conditions are granted by the Owner to the Occupant for the Holiday
Period and are not intended to create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between the
5.2 The Occupant shall not be entitled to a new tenancy, or to any assured shorthold or assured
tenancy or any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or other statutory security of
tenure now or upon determination of these terms and conditions.
5.3 The Owner permits the Occupant to occupy the Cottage for the Holiday Period for the
Rental Fee, payment of which is required in advance (refer 1. above), together with use of the
furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and towels as described
at www.patsonhill.co.uk
5.4 The Occupant and any accompanying person/s must have vacated the Cottage, with all
their effects by the Departure Date defined at 1.4 above. Failure to do so will result in the
Occupant, at the owner’s discretion, being charged a further 7 days Rental Fee.
5.5 The Rental Fee and the Deposit should normally be made via the online booking system
found on the website www.patsonhill.co.uk. At the Owner’s discretion, the Rental Fee and the
Deposit may also be made using the bank automated clearing system (BACS). The Owner will
not accept payment by a personal or business cheque.
5.6 The Owner will issue to the Occupant one key attached to an identifying keytag for the
Cottage on the commencement Date and the Occupant must return this to the Owner on the
Departure Date.
5.7 The Occupant will pay the cost of having a replacement set of keys cut should they fail to
return the keys on the Departure date.
5.8 The Occupant must:
5.8.1 allow the Owner or other person duly authorised, to enter the Cottage to inspect the state
of it, on prior appointment save in emergency when immediate access must be granted;
5.8.2 keep the Cottage and the furniture, kitchen equipment, glass, crockery, bedding and
towels clean and in good condition and be responsible for repairing any damage;
not cause any damage to the floors, walls, doors or windows of the Cottage;
5.8.3 not use the Cottage or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisy, illegal
activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to occupants in the
other cottage, or the Owner.
6. The Occupant must not use the Cottage except for the purpose of a holiday, by the Occupant
and one other person, and not for any other purpose or longer period unless agreed with the
7. No pets are allowed in the cottages.
8. Care must be taken if moving furniture on the carpets to ensure these are not damaged.
9. Coasters or other suitable protection provided must be used to protect the furniture from
water and beverage stains.
10. The Occupant and person accompanying must not do anything or permit anything to be
done in the Cottage that would or may result in the insurance of the Cottage becoming void or
voidable or the premium on it being increased.
11. The Owner must allow the Occupant and person accompanying enjoyment and use of the
Cottage for the Holiday Period free of interruption except in emergency.
12. The Owner will provide clean bed linen and towels, drying-up cloths, washing-up liquid
and cleaning materials as reasonably required during the Holiday Period. Soap, toilet paper,
soap powder, dishwasher tablets and shower products will be provided to cover the first few
days of the Holiday Period.
13. The Owner confirms that all the electrical appliances and equipment provided by the
Owner are safe and will not cause damage and that all electrical appliances and equipment
manufactured after 19 January 1997 are marked with the appropriate CE symbol. Additional electrical
apparatus (other than mobile phone/laptop chargers, hair dryers, electric razors and toothbrushes)
may not be connected to the electrical system and the existing apparatus may only be used at the
density of one item to each outlet socket. The Occupant must not extend the electric wiring (through
use of extension leads etc.) or cause overloading to the electrical system.
14. The Owner confirms that the furniture and furnishings in the Cottage comply with the
Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended.
15. These terms and conditions may be determined before the end of the Holiday Period by the
Owner giving the Occupant notice only in the event of the Occupant being in material breach
of the terms of this agreement or by reason of fire or some other catastrophic event of the type
covered in a comprehensive insurance policy. In the case of determination otherwise than by
reason of the Occupant’s default the Owner shall return to the Occupant the appropriate
proportion of the Rental Fee attributable to the then unexpired remainder of the Holiday
16. Any personal information that you provide to us will only be used for the purpose stated at
the time we request it (mainly to secure your holiday booking). This information will not be
disclosed to a third party except where authorised by you or as otherwise permitted by the Data
Protection Act. Please see our privacy policy linked to the footer of www.patsonhill.co.uk.
17. Any notice to be served on the Occupant under this agreement may be given during the
Holiday Period by delivery direct to the Occupant, putting through the letterbox, by email to
the occupant, and shall be deemed to have been received upon the expiration of 24 hours after
18. Bookings made through our online booking system (www.patsonhill.co.uk) are provisional
until that system confirms receipt of the deposit.


Guests are welcome to use the immediate grounds outside the cottages for their own enjoyment
at their own risk. Guests may walk through the land/fields belonging to Patson Hill farm but
must close any gate after passing through it. We advise against attempting to climb over gates
and barbed wire field fencing, or climb trees etc.