Guest Information

A warm welcome from Ron & Jill

On arrival you will meet the friendly owners, Ron and Jill – and probably their three dogs: Molly, Rolo and Loki. There will be a welcome pack waiting for you in your cottage. In it are some of the essentials to help you settle in – including tea, coffee and delicious cake.

Holiday cottages on a farm, self-catering in Sherborne, Dorset | Patson Hill
Walking on the farm

Set in 47-acre grounds and woodland, Patson Hill is a small livestock farm. You can walk through the fields and woods so please feel free to explore during your stay. Just make sure that you always close the gates (even if you can’t see any livestock). And please stick to the countryside code.

Waste removal and recycling

We are keen on recycling here at Patson Farm and have the facilities to ensure our guests are too. Please rinse out and separate cans and bottles, then put them in the labelled bin under the sink. Leave lids on any bottles, jars etc. When these bins are full please transfer your rubbish to the appropriate dustbin. You’ll find them at the foot of the car park.


Some electricity is supplied from the national grid. But most of it comes directly from an array of photovoltaic/solar panels. You’ll see them in the paddock above the farmhouse and cottages.

The positive environmental impact of electricity generated this way is maximised when consumption occurs during the day. Because when electricity is generated from the PV array, less is drawn from the environmentally ‘unfriendly’ national grid.

Heating & Hot water

The cottages and farmhouse are supplied with heat and hot water from a centrally located biomass system. The biomass boiler burns wood pellets produced from renewable forest resources.

Our dogs

Unfortunately as we are a working farm you cannot bring your dogs on holiday with you. However, no doubt your will meet ours during your stay. They are Molly the Dalmatian, Rolo the Jack Russell Terrier and Loki the Border Terrier.


When driving, please approach the house and cottages cautiously. We often have children, three dogs and two cats playing outside or on the lane. Parallel parking along the line of the fence rails works best for everyone.

EV Charging

We have one BP Pod Point, 7KW, Type 2 charger located in our garage. There are two resident EVs on site, but by prior arrangement a guest’s EV may normally be charged during the day until 10.00pm. After that time the charger will be needed for another EV. There will be a cost of £10 per charge.

Fire risk

Please be aware that your own possessions could be a fire risk.
We request that any personal electrical items in poor condition are not used in the cottage. Also please ensure that electrical equipment that generates heat is not used in a flammable situation. Eg don’t plug phone chargers near waste bins, or place your laptop on the beds.

This was our fifth visit to Compton. On each occasion the cottage has been clean, comfortable and well equipped. This year in the situation we find ourselves with Covid we had absolute confidence that everything was done to keep us in a safe environment. One of our favourite holiday cottages.

17 September 2020

Susan (Hampshire, Couple)

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