Patson Hill Farm

For an unforgettable rural holiday experience, come and stay at Patson Hill

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Our working farm is situated on the north facing slopes of Patson Hill. It’s just beyond the western extremity of what is known locally as the Blackmore Vale.

There’s only 45 acres or 18.2 hectares of land. So people aren’t sure whether to call it a small farm or a small holding! But we’ve heard it said that it seems somewhat larger. That’s probably due to the undulating lie of the land. As well as the fact you can’t actually see its limits from the farmhouse and cottages .

We’re kept busy, as there is much activity over the course of the year. Patson Hill is a traditional family-run farm where we rear pasture-fed livestock and lamb on an organic basis. Our lamb is produced from pure or cross bred Jacob sheep. The beef is from Dexter cows – a small breed reputed to have the highest meat to bone ratio of any beef animal. Sometimes we rear turkeys from day-old chicks in readiness for Christmas, and pork from such breeds as Oxford Sandy & Black, Saddleback, or Middle White pigs – all relatively rare breeds.  

All our produce is sold by word-of-mouth to a lucky list of appreciative friends and acquaintances. So no need to advertise.

We also have some horses (our own as well as a few on livery). 

All year round, our dogs Rolo, Molly and Loki are on hand as a constant source of entertainment to all ages. Some would say they are a marketing asset!

There is open access to the farmland for visitors to enjoy walks through the fields and woods. The Monarch’s Way – a famous walking path goes right past your cottage door!