We consciously make an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Luxury cottages Dorset | Patson Hill

The cottages and farmhouse are supplied with heat and hot water from a centrally located biomass system.
Biomass boilers produce heat from wood pellets derived from renewable woodland resources. So they are advantageous to the environment.

Our biomass boiler supplies heat and hot water to all three cottages and our farmhouse. The boiler is housed in the room to the left of Compton Cottage.
While it’s not the most scintillating object to look at – it does a great job!

Eco-friendly self-catering Dorset
Eco-friendly self-catering Somerset | Patson Hill Farm

Some of your electricity is supplied from the national grid. But most (depending on the time of year and weather) comes directly from an array of photovoltaic/solar panels. You will see them when you arrive. They are situated in the paddock above the farmhouse and cottages. Photovoltaic energy is of great advantage to the environment. The radiated energy we receive from the sun is transformed directly into electrical energy without any combustion process. So it doesn’t produce any pollution. At Patson Hill we have a 10kWH system of PV panels feeding power to each cottage as well as our farmhouse.

All the water at Patson Hill is sourced from a spring rising in our valley field. It is then electrically pumped to a storage reservoir, passes through a UV filter, then delivered to the taps. In our opinion, it tastes better than mains supplied water!

Luxury cottages Somerset